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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 17, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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tonight. in his own words. world hears lance armstrong confess. highlights from oprah's big interview. >> false alarm. south bay woman who claimed some neighborhood creep tried to steal her 3-year-old girl. now she admits she made the whole thing up. >> withering report that state officials losing track of our money. the governor plan to put a stop to that. >> and local woman role in the upcoming inauguration of a upcoming inauguration of a president she credit for the new mattress models but sleep train's huge year end clearance upcoming inauguration of a presidenis ending soon. for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america at closeout prices.
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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. top story tonight. after years of very public denials, lance armstrong is now taking it all back. cyclist who was stripped of his 7 tour de france titles and just today an olympic medal admitted in an interview with oprah winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs. we have more on what lance armstrong confessed. >> after a decade of deception, it's the moment many thought would never come. >> in all 7 of your tour de france victories, did you ever take banned substances or blood doping. >> yes. >>reporter: in an exclusive interview open the oprah winfrey network the great cyclist lance armstrong finally confessed to using banned substances to help him compete. >> my cocktail so to speak was only e p o. not a lot. transfusions and testosterone. >>reporter: armstrong apologized for his trail of li
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lies. >> all the fall and blame falls on me. >>reporter: cyclist former best friend and teammate frank andrew says armstrong attacked him for revving to the lie about his drug use. >> i got e-mail. trader rat. second happened cyclist. just ripped apart. >>reporter: while armstrong future is uncertain his lies under oath out lasted the statute of limitation for criminal perjury charges. still lawyers are watching every word of had interview with part 2 airing friday. because several lawsuits are in the works. >> i have used the situation as one big lie. >>reporter: this confession has also led to more embarrassment. olympic officials have now stripped armstrong of his 2000 bronze medal. brandy, abc news, los angeles. couple of other quotes from armstrong interview he told oprah that if he had not attempt add come back he would have gotten away with doping. we wouldn't be sitting here if
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i didn't come back. and he insist he did not feel like he was cheating after lacking up the definition of cheat. he says quote i feel in like it was a level playing field. second part of oprah interview with lance armstrong airs tomorrow. on the subject of confession. stunning admission tonight from a south bay mother. she original nationally said a stranger tried to abduct her toddler from her arms. now she admits she made the whole thing up. it is a lay that could now lead to charges. police say she caused unnecessary fear in the community and wasted untold manhours investigating the report. detectives started noticing inconsistency in her story. fell apart when they reinterviewed her today. listen to what she said yesterday. it's the same story she initially gave police. >> couldn't get away fast enough. boot fell off. her pants were coming off. she was pulled hard enough. >> can't say enough aboutjñ somebody who presents information like this especially when you are dealing with kids. and to think about
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the lie that is she created and then i guess in her defense at least she came clean and finalym admitted to it and stopped wasting everybody's time. >>reporter: police say this woman does have a criminal history. she could now face charge of filing false police report. >> bay area has reported its first death linked to the flu epidemic sweeping the nation. 98-year-old santa clare county woman died early this month. woman has not been identified but health department officials say she also suffered from other chronic conditions. across the state 4 other people unthe able of 65 have now died from the flu. it has not peaked here in california yet. >> law caught up with suspected hit and run driver who skipped out on court appearance two years ago. santa clara police arrested at san francisco international airport yesterda yesterday. he was as he was reentering the country from the philippines. police say he was
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driving a car that ran into a motorcyclist on scott boulevard in january of 2011 and kept going. motorcyclist died. this man had a million dollar bench warrant for his arrest. now he's back in custody. in oakland it turns out a gang in the city is connected to the home invasion murder of wealthy south bay businessman. vick lee tonight on the common thread that bind suspected murderers together. >> 3 men and woman arrested in connection with a murder. 26-year-old lucas anderson. 21-year-old xavier garcia. and austin also 21. the 4 suspects raven dixon is charged with being an accessory to the murder. millionaire businessman rob murdered in the home invasion robbery november 30. he was found dead inside his mansion in the wealthy area of mont veno. police aren't saying how he was killed. austin is reportedly a member of an oakland street gang
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called the money team. group that is tied into drugs and home invasions. xavier garcia is said to be a member of a west oakland gang called ghost town. two years ago multi-agency task force detap indicated the leadership of ghost town. many remaining members then alie them as well as the money team. >> they were like going through into the back so we just walked that the closet and hid nishtion august abc 7 news interviewed one of 2 brother whose hid in a closet in their house in free mont during a home invasion. cork to published records members of the money team were responsible for that attempted robbery. >> talking about murders. robberies and somewhatings. >>reporter: on monday at news conference to address the recent spate of shootings in oakland, police chief howard jordan said the money team was one of 2 feuding group responsible for the rising violence in a city. sources say raven dixon worked as prostitute and that this was a regular customer. swours
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knowledge of the investigation tells us dixon had talked openly with friends about her relationship with cool. the source adds garcia heard about it and he told austin about her wealthy client and where he lived. austin garcia and anderson then reportedly planned the home invasionñi. al of the 4 arrested face gang enhancement charges. now we have learned that the arrest report for dixon says she was wearing a gucci belt which the argue officer noted is a symbol of oakland street gang. lawyer tells us he's talked to his client many times and she insists she's never met the other 3 defendants before. vick lee, abc 7 news. quite a scare for shoppers at the grocery outlet store in vallejo. police say senior sfrins berkeley lost control of the car and drove it right into the store on admiral gallagher lane this afternoon. you can see the black car that crashed into the store from sky 7 hd.
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police say the driver and passenger in the car were shaken up but not hurt. few passengers were hit by flying -- years hit by flying glass and debris. their injuries were mother serious. they are all okay. budget error and discrepancy situation. california public utility commission is coming under fire tonight for the way it spends and tracks your money. annette has more tonight from sacramento. >>reporter: if you have a cell phone or 7 utility bills for electricity gas or cable then you pay a laundry list of fee and surcharges that go to the state public utility commission. new scathing audit by the california department of finance rips how the commission is poorly tracking ultimately spending those moneys that go into 14 special funds to pay for things like phone service for the disabled. >> as rate payers and taxpayers we want to assure the amounts that we are paying in these rates are for their intended purposes. that they can be
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accounted for properly both the revenue and the expenditures. >>reporter: auditors found wide spread budget error. general confusion. lack of knowledge led to the reporting of 400 million dollars that actually didn't exist and poor tax collecting technique led for false service for rural area incident a worker committed an 81 million dollar typo. >> just lousy bookkeeping going on. >>reporter: state senator hill has been pressuring the state p uc for years to change what he calls its complacent ways. san bruno pipeline explosion 2010 he's criticized how lacks the companies and how cozyting the cpuc chairman is to the company he regulates. now this. budget discrepancy. >> we don't know if they are going in the right place. we don't know if they are spending more than they should. less than they should. the problem is that it's again our money.
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they can't account for. >>reporter: cpuc declined to be interviewed fwhu a formal response to the department of finance it basically agreed to almost every finding and promised to correct the problem. audit found that despite discrepancy the commission avoided going into the red in most cases. governor brown pencilled in 20 200,000 dollars more for the cpuc to hire 3 additional budget people to keep the finances in order. in sacramento, abc 7 news. still ahead here tonight on 7 news at 9:00. presidential inauguration. ♪ [ piano playing]. >> you are going to meet several bay area people who will be part of the festivities in washington next woke and they are packed and ready to go. >> nobel prize winner and former head of lawrence berkeley lab. will cabinet head chew soon out of a job. >> as the week winds down temperatures are headed up. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up shortly.
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>> late this evening toyota announced settlement in first of hundreds of alaska sell
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ration death lawsuits. first suit brought by the family of couple killed after the camry slammed in a wall in utah two years ago. toyota has not disclosed financial terms of this settlement. last month however toyota settled with hundreds of lawsuits from vehicle owners claiming defects caused them economic losses. that settlement was for more than one billion dollars. reports say that energy secretary steven chew planning to leave his cabinet post. chew was criticized for defend ago 500 million dollar federal loan to slind rachlt bay area solar company that went belly up. chew has deep bay area ti ties. he earned his p hd in physics from uc berkeley and ran lawrence berkeley lab. he has a nobel prize in physics for work on cooling and trapping atom with laser who will replace him? tom sierra the former head of fair lon capitol management widely believed to be the president's next choice to remace chew as the energy secretary. well some bay area
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residents are playing a big part in the president inauguration that's coming up. one is honorary co-chair. another is running all the social media sites for the joint military coalition protecting the president. mark matthews has their story. >> erica volunteered for the first campaign for president two years later health care bill saved her life. >> so i was actually diagnosed with life threatening brain tumor. >>reporter: that is obama campaign video shows i object insurance company denied her coverage because the tumor was a pre-existing condition. doctors said she had to have app operation that she could not afford and then the president health care bill kicked in. >> because of president's health care reform hi access to medical care and i have made a 100 percent full recovery. >>reporter: now she's going to washington dc as an honored guest. have you met the president. >> i have not. >>reporter: do you plan to.
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>> i hope to. i would like to meet michelle obama. >>reporter: jazz pianist riccardo will take break from the gig at the top of the mark to be at the inauguration. he has played for presidents several times. this will be the first time he has gone to the an inauguration. >> being black and having a black american president is an honor to play for him. so it's an honor that he 30's. >>reporter: he doesn't know if he will be able to play for the president but congresswoman lee got him the tickets. in milpitas, he wrote his own ticket in a matter of speaking. mission college student packing to fly to dc tomorrow after winning an essay contest posted by congressman mike honda. >> i said make the government over here leak the local government more access in to the younger crowd. >>reporter: congressman hunt liked the idea enough to send him 2 tickets. for those who won't be going in person, another bay area resident is in charge of running facebook twitter you tube flicker and
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pinterest for the inauguration. of elizabeth thompson of walnut creek talked with us today by satellite. >> we just watched an i-phone app so that will be hopefully live streaming during the inauguration, last time thousands of people were misdirected and caught in security holds. this time phone app will show color-coded directions to quarter of a million ticket holders crowding washington maul. official swear in as pre-described by the constitution is january the 20th. this sunday. but the inauguration, big may raid, ceremony on the steps of the capitol that will be monday the day we celebrate martin luther king jr. birthday. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. and for the inauguration michelle obama will have a new hair do. she tweeted this picture of herself today using her new twitter account float us. first lady out of thes is what that stands for. see she now has bangs. today is her
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49th birth day. the president and first lady celebrated with dinner at a posh italian restaurant in georgetown. now our coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america. also have live streaming coverage at abc 7 starting at 5:30 i'm sorry 6:30 monday morning. but we'll have you covered on air and on license as we nawing ate the president. all right the weather forecast as you know a little bit milder. cooler at night but certainly pleasant during the day. spencer is here. >> more pleasant as the day goes by. live view from the mountain tam camera on to the bay. san francisco off to the right. bay bridge to the left. on clear and cool night around the bay area. getting chilly even as we speak. i speak. i hope you are listening. look at live doppler 7 hd and we have got clear skies as i mention very cool night around the bay area. temperatures
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dropping 34 degrees right now fairfield 37 at napa. 38 at novato. we have 40's in many other locations and the 24 hour temperature change is rather striking. it is 6 degrees maileder right now than it was at this hour last night in oakland. 4 degrees mild milder in mountain view sow can see we have a milder weather pattern developing right now. tomorrow is our third consecutive spare the air day. so air quality is not so good. high surf for the weekend and dry pattern continues right on in to next week. high surf. high surf advisory in effect from 10:00 o'clock saturday morning to 4:00 o'clock sunday afternoon. northwest swell up to 20 feet. strong rip current possible as well as large breaking waechlts they are down at 3 foot level so they won't really be growing significantly until we approach the weekend. overnight tonight low pressure will drop once again that the cold range and some of the interior valley especially in the north bay where we see low of 29 to santa rosa, 30 at nap
9:21 pm
a.over fairfield moving east a little bit down to 28 degrees. 31 is the low at concord. 32 already more then upper 30's mid 30's around the bay. 43 the low in san francisco. let's talk about the spare the air alert. third consecutive one. top. air quality poor in the north bay along the coast and central bay. moderate the rat air quality at best over most of the remainder of the bay area. let's hope for some improvement there as we approach the weekend. satellite image shows high pressure. dominant feature in our weather picture. it's for several days. bringing us continuation of this milder pat he were through the weekend and into next week. tomorrow sunny skies south bay high pressure in the mid 60's. 65 at santa clara a.san jose 66. campbell on the peninsula mid 60's as well. 65 menlo park palo alto. 56 at mountain view and low to mid 60's on the coast. 61 at pacifica. 64 at half moon bay. do you want san francisco high
9:22 pm
of 63 tomorrow. 61 in the sun set district. up in the north bay mid 60's up santa rosa, calistoga, clover dale nearest bay high mid 60's at oakland, san leandro, union city, fremont, inland east bay high in the low to mid 60's up to about 63 at walnut creek and danville and look at how mild it is near monterey bay. moving inland jaws bit. 71 degrees at is a leap as. 70 at holster. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild pattern continues as i mention through the weekend with high pressure in the mid to even upper 60's. over the weekend and then taper off monday tuesday then temperatures start to drop-off more sharply on wednesday thursday of next week but still no hint of any rainfall. >> that's nice thanks very muc much. >> subway customers are breaking out their rulers. tonight they say the sandwiches just aren't measuring up. >> explosive new she comes to the bay area. pictures of the the bay area. pictures of the sun from space. that and more
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jwwñ >> get this. the days of being forced to withdraw money in 20 dollar increment from atm coming to an end for some customers. chase and p nc rolling out new machines that are dispensing exact change to the dollar allowing customers to withdraw 1 and 5 dollar bills if they choose. the machine will also eventually be able to dispense coins. use of the new atm is free for customers of those banks. well, there is a subway sandwich scandal going on and australian man post thtd picture on facebook. he put a tape measure up next to one of the foot long sandwiches and
9:27 pm
guess what it was just 11 inches. that's not a foot long. medley more than 131,000 people liked or commented on the photo. that one inch has caused quite an uproar all over the missing meat cheese and tomatoes. subway says when not baked to specific the sandwich comes up short. >> port officials bring back the chime at the san francisco iconic ferry building clock tower. tower has been silence since july of last year when the computer system gave out. even before it went down it wasn't accurate. new tower system uses gps signal to make sure people hear the bell exactly on the hour. being tested now and on february 23rd people in the area will be able to set their watches by it. it will be that precise. >> well some people who got up before dawn today reported seeing a bright light in the 60. we checked with experts at the space science center and they say it was most likely a meteor turned into a fire ball by the earth atmosphere. while we were there we saw this
9:28 pm
amazing exhibit which the center will open tonight. this is almost real time video of our sun. spectacular. visitors can activate filter to see different heat area. zoom in on specific region or witness past solar flares. it can all be taken in on 90 inch lcd display. exhibition even smrins man fascination with the sichbility sun has been the focal point for civilization sense the dawn of man. each civilization created a story of what is that. is that a chariot crossing the sky. giant turtle. sun god. >>reporter: there are also exhibits at which visitors can draw on the sun screen and see what it is like to take control of the sun's magnet iing field. looks very cool while there. >> we have a lot more for you here on abc 7 news at 9:00. coming up next. football season heats up so are a few bakery they cash in on locate no. 7. yelpes restaurant on more than taste and ambience.
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>> rescue raid in algeria turned deadly. now hours later the fate of dozens of foreign hostages at gas compound there still very much up clear. all began yesterday in remote part of the sahara desert when a bus carrying international workers came under attack. the hostages reportedly including some americans were then taken inside the plant which is partially owned by bp. today some of those hostages were killed when the algerian military used helicopter and special forces to try to storm the compound. >> we are in communication with
9:33 pm
the algerian government and the prits being regularly updated. >> americans will be assured we'll take necessary proper steps to deal with this kind of situation. >>reporter: dozens of hospital substance are still unaccounted for including american british french and norwegian nationals. >> the colorado movie theatre where gunman went on deadly rampage last july reopened tonight with private ceremony. theater has undergone 1 million dollar renovation. james holmes charged with killing 12 people and wounding 58 more during a screening of batman dark knight rises. some family of the victim refuse tickets to tonight ceremony claiming they were being used as pawns to boost attendance. well people looking up review for san francisco restaurants can soon turn to yelp for something other than writings on a favorite dish. look at the new yelp feature that show users just how safe and sanitary each restaurant i is. puts city health ratings right there open the review.
9:34 pm
we have more tonight. >> more than 3500 restaurants in san francisco but finding one you like can take some searching. i go to the same 2 restaurants over and over and over. >> they turn to yelp tow; ul se what real customers say about food and service but doesn't tell the whole story. >> yelp is really helpful for what people think about the experience. if the really getting information about the cleanliness of the kitchen and how it's kept. nice to know what the rating is. >>reporter: but soon he will know about his favorite restaurant or new one. yes, ma'am. is partnering with san francisco health department to provide health inspection ratings along with customer comments. all of the name of transparency and food safety. dave mappings cafe flower and customers have a right to notch you don't want to go to any way and puts them make them clean up the act or make them to be honest to the customers.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: new information may helpful but detailed restaurant inspection data could gross you out. attach information for you. >> no. no. i want to know more. yes i want to know everything about all the germs. >>reporter: but others say thedon't. they will rely on first impressions. >> i think it will be common sense. if you go somewhere and they seem gross you can make your own decision. >>reporter: health inspection information for san francisco restaurants has always been available on line. yelp partnership with the city will be rampping up over the next few months. in san francisco, abc 7 news. well some other local business items intel said today that the fourth quarter profit down 27 percent from last year. and that's better than what most analyst expected in fact. people are switching from personal computers most of which use intel chip smart phone and tablet which don't. >> amtrak announce partnership today with the california high speed rail authority. they are searching for trains that can
9:36 pm
run up to 220 miles an hour along both u.s. coasts. combine buying power will likely lower the praise of those trains. tour lock is enjoying the success of its hometown hero collin capper neck starting quarterback for the 49ers is the center of the universe in football these days and also for local businesses in the central valley town where he grew up. lee painter has the story. >> january typically a slow time for bakers it's after the holiday season but since we still have football season and 49ers are on fire, these oven are firing back up and cashing in than on lucky no. 7. when it comes to frosting colors red gold make green at this bakery in tour lock. >> slow time of year so this is instant hotel day, local tour lock football hero turned local nfl star has ignited the oven and desire to have a delicious piece of his success. >> gosh i captain even count them the. we started out this
9:37 pm
morning with a rack and by about 10:30 the t-about the time you called we were running low so we have another rack going. we need them now. yes. so we really have been hit ivshtion cookie consumer come from out of town. >> we heard bit lets go get one to take it to my husband. >>reporter: and the moms don't have a problem buying their kids sugar now that they look up to sports star who also i hope expires a college education. >> he's always said i'm not going to college because he doesn't like school now that he sees a local go all the way he's 100 percent i'm going to clem. >>reporter: we decided to bring tap on a cookie to actual cap nick to get dad reaction. >> they are wonderful. everybody knows collin. this is where he grew up. it's interesting and fun. >> hi mom. >>reporter: what about having the family name turned that a verb. capper necking. >> i asked the first time he
9:38 pm
did it. i know it's the tattoo. he kisses the part that says faith. i do not do it. i don't have a tattoo. >>reporter: as for the bakers they hope his good luck pays off but they have to bake even more cookies. >> if he guess to the superbowl might have to hire a few extra people. >> they are going to sell out of those cookies if that happens. mike is heading to atlanta right now to cover sunday game. first report will air tomorrow here on abc 7 new news. so tune in we'll cover a lot of excitement. >> well, the bucket head bandi bandit. disguess caught on camera and the mistake that ultimately landed this accused criminal in jail. >> and woman wakes, stops breathing and brought back to life after she's buried in an life after she's buried in an avalanche. now
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>> you are not going to believe this guy. so-called bucket head bandit. police say this is 23-year-old richard boudreaux. they say he broke into a seafood restaurant in louisiana last week and stole cash from the register all while wearing a bucket as disguise. police say they managed to identify boudreaux only because he lifted the bucket to peek around the corner. now facing burglary charges. top lead interchicago wants to ban the sale of high caffeine energy drinks in the city. retailers who violate the ban would be charged up to 500 dollars and could have the business licenses yanked for repeat violations. the proposed ban comes one day after researchers say the number of people seeking emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled nationwide during the past 4 years.
9:43 pm
>> well, pauline phillips better known to millions of readers as dear abby has died. her column started in the mid 1950s in the san francisco chron committee. dear abby was the straight talking funny friend even if you never knew her real name. pauline phillips. she was 94 years ol old. david wright on the column that changed a culture. >>reporter: google and groucho all in one. delivering wise one liners in answer to any question. reader once asked is it possible to get pregnant under water? her response not without a man. her audience was bigger than oprah's. >> i ask you what paper would you buy? >> i would read the one with dear abby. >>reporter: this favorite dexter too. >> dear abby i'm a serial killer i need advice. >>reporter: dear abby always judged problems with common sense without judging her readers too harshly. >> hillsboro 0house wichlt i didn't have a so long asal
9:44 pm
security enough. never worked a day in my life. >>reporter: she told larry king sher got her big break when she barged into the editor office at the san francisco chronicle. >> he said don't call us we'll call. leave your name at the desk. >>reporter: she started the very next day. that was 1956. three months earlier her twin sister had been hired to write a similar column for the chicago tribunement they would good on to be rival for the rest of their careers. her frank advice was sometimes shocking in its day. 1970 dear abby recently our 21-year-old daughter came out to us and told us she was in love with another girl. dear mother if your daughter is happy with what she is, then you who profess to love her must accept her as she is. or not at all dear abby change with the times and helped america change too. david wright abc news los angeles. >> well coming up here. gold rush and one very lucky
9:45 pm
prospector. that story as 7 prospector. that story as 7 news
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
>> amazing story tonight. utah woman says she looked up and saw a wall of snow right before 700 foot avalanche swallowed her up. this happened as she was skiing down a mountain outside salt lake city. at one point she stopped breathing. luckily she was with her boyfriend and the 2 had come prepared. now the two of them are telling really remarkable story of survival. here's noa noah. >>reporter: elizabeth remembers vividly what it was lake to be trapped inside a moving avalanche. >> i was flailing, yes. i was
9:49 pm
swimming. >>reporter: then the snow stopped. >> and i decided the best situation for me is to meditate and breathe really slowly. >>reporter: when the snow settled elizabeth skiing partner adam found himself above the avalanche. elizabeth is ai've today because she was wearing a beacon and he had a receiver. >> medley picked up the signal. again reaffirmed she was buried somewhere. >>reporter: after 3 passes he found her in cement like snow face down and head down the mountain. >> she kind of turned purple. did my best to clear out an area for her to breathe. >>reporter: moments after getting her out elizabeth essentially died. her breathing stopped but soon returned. her hands and feet were essentially frozen so badly blood flow stopped to the the right fingers and tow toes she was flown to the university of utah hospital after two hour hike out. she know she is almost died but getting so
9:50 pm
cholesterol to it was early calm. >> it was lick i was having a little nap and i remember being woken up by a sweet kiss. >> what a story. noah reporting from utah. >> one last check on the weather experience is tracking it as always. >> okay dan as you know temperatures arising but air quality has been declining. spare the air day today as you can see on the time lapse view from the east bay hills camera. haze hanging over the city. and tomorrow will be our third consecutive spare the air day. hold ate second. get my map moving for you here and there you go. click the wrong button off we good. tomorrow third consecutive spare the air toda today. our satellite shows that we have got clear skies over the bay area. temperatures dropping once again. cool overnight period but mailed day tomorrow not only in the bay area but state wide. sunny sky top to bottom. high pressure in the 60's over northern two-thirds of the state. 70's
9:51 pm
down south around l.a, san dieg and palm springs. mid 60's here in the bay area. and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we'll see mid 60's. maybe even a few upper 60's over the weekend. then next week temperatures will moderate but string of nice mild days coming our way and they bring welcome relief in the cold we have had the last few nights. >> we thaernd stretch. >> we have indeed. >> thanks very much. >> and amateur prospector in australia has come if a windfall big time. searching for gold about an hour from melbourne the man found a giant nugget weighing nearly 12 pounds look at this. 2 feat below ground he discovered witness a hand held metal detector. worth up to half million dollars by one estimate. man says there's nothing like digging up money. spending it unbelievable. >> how lucky. >> that little thing is worth half million dollars. >> 12 pounds of gold. by the ounce. it's expensive. >> get me a shovel, man. start digging around here. sports collin caperneck best running
9:52 pm
collin caperneck best running back not a fanwell, well, well.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. flu epidemic very sear news many parts of the country. not peaked yet here in california although several people have now died including one bay area would. at 11:00 we will give you a look at how people are preparing and what you can do to protect yourself from the flu. >> a commuter alert. why bart is slowing down late night service through the transbay tube. that's coming up on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that the. see you then but larry is here talking about this big game we are all excited about. >> frainer offense leading up to a big game. coach get even more paranoid than usual if that's possible. players say anything that might in any way help the opponent, so you get really bland answers. guys don't wouldn't to talk but leading up to the titles game sunday in atlanta, he was honest about the pistol offense because early on he just couldn't stand it.
9:56 pm
>> i didn't like it at first but it's working for us. get us to the superbowl i'm with i it. >> frank is honest. not a fan of the pistol offense and it's read option attack until this past saturday. green bay defense down inside the 30. >>reporter: took a 23 carry, 119 yard performance with the packers changed his mind. collin took over the starting quarterback position for good in week 11. >> i feel in like i'm a football player, ball player i adjust to anything. i just to be just more patient. know if i get the ball or not. >> frank is an adaptable player that it doesn't take him long to pick something up. he's one of the most gifted knowledgeable and intelligent football players that i have been around really in any
9:57 pm
position. >>reporter: as green bay learned when the pistol is firing complete arsenal the 49 versus weapons at every position. >> did a great job last week. big. strong. fast. i have to look out for him so hopefully either they keep looking out for him. 21 keep getting the ball and i just do what he did last week. >>reporter: music to a coach's ears. speaking of coaching. >> always tell frank man when you are done playing come find me because or i'll find you. >> love being around football so coach ever get a head up and want to hire me, i'll be ready. >>reporter: well speaking of coach roman. niner offensive coordinator not to be a front runner for the jaguar coaching position not any more because they hired this man. seahawks defensive coordinator bradley. the defense in seattle was no. 1 in the league in points allowed and fourth in take awa away. college hoops tonight. santa clara and usf meeting on the hilltop. still lacking for
9:58 pm
first west coast conference victory of the season. i didn't know that betty white was a fan. shurnd 91 today. first half great passing by santa clara here. mark says happy birthday betty. santa clara up 5. kevin foster wins again leading the way for the broncos. deep three. he had 27 points at latter check. broncos were up 11 at the half. shooting atrocious 36 percent. look at the pass here. lebron like. from foster to trees. look at it right now a.blow out. 74-46. santa clara leading at usf. women basketball. 7 rank cal hosting usc. led for the second half. cook. corner jumper led with 21. up 5. bears come back. 20 seconds left. down to jennifer brandon. inon the put back. she had 23. that tied it at 62 to over time. 30 shots in this game. wow! nice
9:59 pm
take. reviers. 27 points. cal out scores sc then-1 in the extra frame and avoid the upset 71-63 in o t. preliminary rosters for the world baseball classic released today. no buster or matt on team usa but the giants will have representation starting pitcher ryan and reliever jeremy will wear the red white and blue. 3 and o with era just over one in the 4 post season starts last year. sergio and marco and pablo also will represent their countries in the world baseball classic which is held in march. sandoval there. pab will in the hospital rate no you in veins wail. according to his brother the panda has been diagnosed with abdominal discomfort because of case of colitis. sandoval playing winter ball in venzuela and he should be okay in just a few days. tiger woods and rory teed off first time this year over seas


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